Chris's Photo Gallery

In the movie I've Heard the Mermaids Singing, the narrator/main character tells us, "I kind of get a kick out of taking pictures of things I like."

I do too. Here you can see some of my favorites from the pictures I've taken in the last year, as well as links to other photographer's Web sites, Web sites about photography, and Web sites about cameras.

The Photo Gallery

You can access the pictures in Chris's Photo Gallery in three ways:

Photo Slide Show
     (opens in a separate window; 40 photos displayed at four second intervals)
Go straight to the first image
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General Photography Sites
Photography at

Sites About Photographers
Masters of Photography

Photography Tips
The Kodak Guide to Better Pictures
The Rocky Mountain School of Photography Photography Tips
Greg Klopper's Photography Tips

Digital Photography Sites
Digital Photography Review
Steve's DigiCams
Dave Weikel's Olympus E-10 Page

Photo Printing services

A 360-degree View Created by My Wife
The Davis Elementary Library